Wetlands and Hilltops

This evening was the opening of my solo show at Shibui Gallery in Maple Bay.  I’m posting images of paintings here.   They are mostly in oil with a few acrylic and cold wax.  Also included in the show were the works in the posts ‘Estuary’ and ‘More Estuary’.


pb010067resizedOIL 8 x 10


p40200044resizedOil 24 x 24

pb010047resizedCold wax 32 x 40

pb010048a_resized2Oil 24 x 36

pb010050a_resized2Oil 24 x 36

pb010052a_resized2Oil 24 x 24

pb010053aresized_2 Oil 24 x 24

pb010057a_resized2Oil 24 x 24


pb010065-resizedjpgCold wax and oil 24 x 24

pb010059aresized_2Oil 32 x 40


Acrylic 8 x 12

pb010075-resizedjpgOil 12 x 12

pb010076resizedOil 12 x 12

pb010078resizedCold Wax 24 x 48


Acrylic 24 x 24

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