Oyster Project

oysters abstract 5 resized
oysters abstract 3 resized
oysters abstract 2 resized
oysters abstract 4 resized
Oysters abstract 1 resized

In preparation for this series I read a report on the Cowichan Bay Pacific oysters published by Dr. Goetz Schuerholz.  Dr. Schuerholz’ paper elucidated the importance of these creatures as a keystone species: they provide habitat for other organisms, sequester carbon, purify and filter water, absorb bio-toxins.  Any of these elements would make worthy subject matter for paintings. However, of the many aspects of these creatures and habitat I have chosen three elements on which to focus for this series of paintings; 1) the layering of silt and gravel to create the habitat, 2) the flow of tides and of the fresh waters into the bay, and 3) the shapes of the oysters and their accretion in beds.

Rather than render the appearance of beds I have chosen to interpret these phenomena more abstractly – 1) by applying multiple layers of semi transparent paint over marks and other colours, 2) by using wandering line and shapes suggesting movement to evoke a sense of flow, and 3) by using a theme of ovoid shapes suggesting the oysters.

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3 Responses to Oyster Project

  1. HI Sharon. I wanted to post appreciation and gratitude for what you do. I went down a rabbit hole of passwords and confusion and ended up posting twice because I couldn’t find the first. Please delete the second post. Lots of love! Melanie

  2. Paula Myers says:

    Stunning and spiritual…I’m gob smacked (is that an appropriate description) of your transformation into the abstract. Your art is ethereal and timeless…I’m so humbled
    whenever I see it.

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