‘Our Estuary’ Painting for Cowichan Valley Hospice Building

In late autumn I was commissioned to make a painting for our new hospice building here in the Cowichan Valley. The brief was for a panorama landscape on five canvases that was recognizable as a place here in our valley. I chose the Cowichan estuary because I love it for it’s openness and light and because it is central to the ecosystem of the area. From it one can see two landmarks familiar to anyone living here – Mount Tzouhalem in the centre and Mount Provost in the distance.
I’m honoured to have been asked to do this because of the work the Hospice Society does with sensitivity and compassion.

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1 Response to ‘Our Estuary’ Painting for Cowichan Valley Hospice Building

  1. cornelia wicki says:

    I work at the Hospice and see these landscapes every day. They are stunningly beautiful. If I wanted something like this , is that something you would do? Iunderstand it was commissioned for Hospice House and you might not want to make a duplicate. I am open to talking with you more about it.

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