Portals Arts Council Gallery in Duncan

Along with four other artists I will be showing for the month of April 2022

Meadow Oil 12 x 12
Cherry Point Road I Acrylic 10 x 10
Cherry Point Road II Acrylic 10 x 10
Cobble Hill Arbutus Acrylic 10 x 10
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2 Responses to Portals Arts Council Gallery in Duncan

  1. Laurel Hibbert says:

    Holy cow! You are a fabulous painter. I already knew that but have to say it again. Wishing you a great show. Laurel

  2. Gosh Laurel! Thank you for the very kind words. Just what I needed as the opening is tomorrow (4 to7) and as we are at the point of no return all of that queasy doubt about the quality of the work comes flooding in. Just part of the process I guess. Angela, Rory, Nan and Peter have exceptional work and I hope you will be there to see it.

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